Juan Suarez

Fine Furniture

Juan Suarez is a third generation carpenter born in Roswell (NM). As a young teen Juan  worked alongside his father and brother in Las Cruces, NM while building his families home. Moving to a border region emphasized his cultural background while pushing Juan to make his own story in such a diverse and passionate land. Juan's early training and continued work as an independent craftsman has given him 25 years of experience and knowledge. Trained and Certified in Fine Woodworking and a IATSE 480 Union member, Juan is also a set decorator  with credits in Stranger Things 4, The Curse and Outer Range 2 among several other productions.

Juan co-founded Dialogue (2009-2011) in downtown Albuquerque as a fabrication shop, gallery and performance space where numerous commissions and collaborative works were achieved. In 2020 amidst a world-wide pandemic Juan founded SIX O SIX studio, a gallery, workshop, performance space and community harbor.

The commissioned works of Juan Suarez can be found in private clients homes with public viewing of his work in several retail spaces in  Albuquerque, NM; Zendo Coffee, Reincarnation, Slow Burn Coffee, Sister Bar, Anodyne Bar, Juno Brewery and Six O Six Studio.

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Juan Suarez, Professional Woodworker
Juan Suarez, Professional Woodworker